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It’s all about your health and how you feel every morning when you get out of bed to start your day.


Your lifestyle choices from your workouts to your diets have a huge impact on your health.


Your lifestyle also has to include having fun because you won’t be able to stick with it otherwise.

Crossfit Is a Way of Life

Once you start it’s hard to do anything else because crossfit is more than just a way to get fit. It’s a way of life!

Just look at how much fun it is to do crossfit

A few things we’re great at

We are great at sharing information that is important and relevent to you. Unlike some website’s that try to keep it all in house, we understand that sometimes you can find content and, news and stories on other websites that do an epic job of translating what it is you need to know and how you can apply it to your own life and training.

Boron and Testosterone

We know fitness and how to get your body to the next level. Whatever your fitness level is and whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them. Physical health is about flexibility, cardio and strength.


Crossfit is our bread and butter and where we focus most of are attention. That includes a heavy focus on nutrition and diet because the healthier you are on the inside, the better you will be on the outside.


Some of our writers are hardcore dedicated bodybuilders and can help you learn the best ways to get bigger biceps and more muscular legs. 

Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle Cources like the Spartan Race are all the rage right now and for good reason. They are fun and will push your personal limits to a whole new level!


The Secret of Success

Nyet Casey started following our blog 3 years ago while running for the USMC.

He improved both his 1/4 mile and marathon time by changing up his diet and incorporating crossfit routines into his workout.

Nyet said he was shocked at how much endurance the fullbody workouts demand.

Nyet believes he was able to greatly increase his VO2 Max and that’s the biggest benifactor to his success.

He says that while he was already in good shape when he started following the advice here at Reebook Crossfit 495, he is now in great shape and running cirlces around fellow Marines 10 years younger.

Meet Our Team

Get to know our team of expert writers below. We are more than just a source of fitness information. We are all about personality and fun too!

Dr. Jim Axel

Chester Shown

Randy Yoan

Kyle Farmer

Jack Cron

Rachel Pzyeric

Latest News

Check back here for the latest crossfit news, events, gatherings, ho-downs, throw downs and hoopla. If it’s happening in the crossfit community you will find out about it here first!

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