Month: June 2018

Crossfit Fitness for Athletes!

Important Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises

Important Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises

A cardio workout is not just huffing and puffing of air to burn calories. Cardiovascular workout refers to engaging your body in activities that increase your heart and breathing rates and in the process, the body burns some calories. Activities such as running, swimming, biking, brisk walking, or participating in Zumba dance classes at your…
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Acai Berry Improves Health

How Acai Berries Can Improve Your Health!

Growing deep in the heart of the South American Amazon is the super food known as Acai Berry. They look similar to blueberries but are much more powerful of a nutrient. Harvested by local tribesman and farmers they are grinded into a pulp and immediately frozen to preserve the nutrient potency. From there they can…
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Cure Tinnitus

How to Cure Tinnitus

Many people hear a ringing sound that generates from inside of ears or their head when there is no outside sound. It causes annoyance in the majority of cases. It may seldom result a health problem. Tinnitus may happen in the inner ear, the middle ear, or the outer ear, or in the brain because…
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DAA D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid And Testosterone

D-Aspartic Acid And Testosterone Once men reach the age of 30, their natural supply of testosterone tends to decrease over time. Also, this is the stage in life where they tend to store more body fat, have a decreased muscle building potential and hindered muscle recovery ability. Poor sleep can also be attributed to the…
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prescription for drug alternatives by Dr. Mark Stengler

Eastern Medical Philosophies

The amazing Dr. Mark Sengler has written over seventeen books on health and wellbeing. In addition to being a nMD he is a practitioner of eastern medical philosophies as well and works with everyone from athletes and seniors to kids and celebrities. He is often referred to as America‚Äôs Natural Doctor because of his dedication…
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Beginners Guide to Crossfit

A Beginners Guide To CrossFit

If you haven’t heard about CrossFit already, you clearly do not hang out with fitness enthusiasts. CrossFit is everywhere these days. Several CrossFit ‘boxes’ are opening every other week and everyone from your dad to kids down the street seems to be into this new fitness program. Well, chances are, even if you have heard…
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goji berries

Goji Berry Health Benefits

At Reebok Crossfit 495 we know how important your health is so we diligently research and test Goji supplements to find the best product at the best price! Goji Berries (also known as wolfberry) have been used for over 6,000 years by Chinese herbalist to detoxify the body, promote a healthy heart, strong immune system,…
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Dr. Mark Stengler

Increase Your Energy with Vitamins

If you really want to amplify how much joy and passion you get from life than you have to increase your energy to a point where you feel alive and ready to take on the world. I want to help you magnify your ability to get up and go take charge of life so I…
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Zinc In Your Diet – Why You Should Include It!

Zinc is an essential trace element found amongst the metallic elements of the Periodic Table. Zinc has a variety of uses other than the common natural cold remedy. It is needed daily in small amounts for the maintenance of good health and to perform important functions within the body. Zinc has several benefits to the…
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