A Beginners Guide To CrossFit

Crossfit Fitness for Athletes!

A Beginners Guide To CrossFit

Beginners Guide to Crossfit

If you haven’t heard about CrossFit already, you clearly do not hang out with fitness enthusiasts. CrossFit is everywhere these days.

Several CrossFit ‘boxes’ are opening every other week and everyone from your dad to kids down the street seems to be into this new fitness program.

Well, chances are, even if you have heard of CrossFit, you don’t completely understand what it is and you don’t know if you should just shrug it off as the newest fitness fad or sign up for the next available class.

Well, this article will give you an understanding of what CrossFit is for you and truthfully, you will either love it or hate it. There’s rarely any in-between.

In a nutshell, CrossFit is a training philosophy that trains people of all walks of life to improve their cardiovascular fitness and physical well-being through constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements in a totally hardcore but accepting and encouraging environment.

Every day, your workout tests a different part of your conditioning or functional strength with the aim of building a body that is capable of almost anything and everything.

Is CrossFit for you?

The best thing about CrossFit is that it can be adapted to every type of body. Whether you are an 85-year old grandma, a young student or have had injuries previously.

Every day, a workout is posted and based on your individual abilities, the same workout is modified to suit you. Say for example a workout calls for squats with a 135-pound weight.

If your knees are injured and you can’t do squats at all, the movement will be substituted for another, If you cannot squat with that weight, you can use only the bar. If the reps are too many for your current fitness level, they will be reduced.

CrossFit can be for everybody but not for anybody. CrossFit is perfect for you if you are:

  1. A beginner to weight training – As long as you have a good coach you will learn all the important lifts in a very supportive environment
  2. Looking for community or support – the CrossFit community has a family feel to it. You don’t just go to do your own workout by yourself but you work out with others, getting a lot of support and encouragement from them.
  3. A fitness fanatic – If you ever feel like a day cannot go by without working out, you should definitely try your hand at CrossFit. The structure of CrossFit calls for three days on and one day off though it’s not rare to find CrossFitters there more often.
  4. A former athlete – CrossFit workouts usually have a time aspect t them so if you are a former competitive athlete, you will appreciate the competition with people in your class. There is also an international competition where you can compete against the world’s elite CrossFit athletes if you are truly dedicated.

CrossFit requires a lot of commitment and grit so if you are a person who easily gets disheartened, it may not be for you.